About Us

Marc Arnold is Aerial Tribute’s Founder/Chief Pilot

He is the former North American Exclusive Distributor of Stemme Self-Launching Sailplanes, a competitive Sailplane Pilot and jet pilot.

He has 6,000+ flight hours, Airline Transport Pilot License, Commercial, Instrument, Land, Sea, Single-, Multi-Engine, Glider with Lear Jet and Eclipse Jet Type Ratings

“Sailplane pilots experience the sky in a unique and personal way. Sharing lift with soaring birds, we feel the air in a tangible way that other aviators rarely experience. I founded Aerial Tribute to connect and share this aspect of flight with families seeking a meaningful final disposition of their loved one’s memory” — Marc Arnold

Omega Enterprises is a Colorado LLC, and does business as Aerial Tribute. It provides dignified, natural and inspiring scattering services to families seeking special memorial service offerings.

Aerial Tribute is not affiliated with any funeral home or crematorium.

Aerial Tribute services are an outgrowth of cross country soaring, a little known sport. Although many power pilots have been introduced to gliding near their departure airport, fewer than 1 in a hundred have experienced cross country soaring. To learn more about this, you may read this article about cross country soaring.

Our services could not be performed without the unique capabilities of the Stemme Sailplane. You are invited to read more about self-launching Stemme aircraft by clicking here.

“Aerial Tribute”, “Ascension Scattering” and “Every Cloud… A Monument” are registered trademarks of Omega Enterprises, LLC